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“After one lesson of Smart Coos Spanish, my 2-year old and 4-year-old were signing and speaking Spanish with Smart Coos.”

- Grace, New Orieans, LA

“I think it is very important for my child to be bilingual and even though he is only 5-months old, he enjoys the language lessons and read-along books. I think that this is a product that my son would be able to grow with.”

- Candace, New Orleans, LA

“My 5-year-old was speaking Spanish phrases after the first lesson with the Smart Coos Spanish Tutor and he couldn't wait to schedule the next lesson.”

- Regina, West Palm Beach, FL

A foreign language curriculum to empower your child.

Private & Group Lessons

All of our specially trained tutors are native speakers and will guide your child through their lessons in the second and third language. Whether group or private lesson, we’ll make sure you find what’s best for your needs.

Interactive Baby Sign Language

Baby Sign Language (BSL) in the learning language of your choice is a great pre-verbal communication tool for infants, while physically reinforcing the second and third language for children who are already able to use verbal language.


We provide eBooks in the learning language of your choice. The books are read aloud by a native speaker, and subtitles are provided so Mom, Dad or caregiver can read along.

Scheduled Text “Nudges”

Every day, we’ll send out text messages to parents and caregivers with the words and phrases of the day in the learning language. You pick the schedule, we push it through.

Why Smart Coos?

  • We focus on language learning from birth, because bright futures begin now.

  • Pre—verbal children

    Children who learn an additional language from birth perform well in divergent, creative, and high-order thinking. These skills bring leaps in standardized test scores, and improved performance in secondary school and the years to follow.

  • Toddlers & school-age children

    Children who study a second language gain a better sense of confidence and cultural pluralism.

  • Benefits last to adulthood

    Opportunities in higher education and the global and local marketplace increasingly require multilingual skills. Children who learn languages at a young age are more likely to attain near-native or even complete native fluency, which significantly increases their chances of finding a career.


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