About Us

The Team behind Smart Coos

Mirta Desir’s inspiration to found Smart Coos stems from both her personal and professional experience. A young mother who wanted to take advantage of that golden period between birth and school-age that children have to learn multiple languages, she was challenged to find quality language solutions that would provide her with the services and tools to expose her child to a second language from the day she was born. She knew that this problem was not unique and that there had to be a better solution than no or little language exposure to a second language. With her past experience in education and technology, she knew that edtech with live web-based interaction was the answer and founded Smart Coos.  


As Co-Founder and Vice President of Finance and Marketing, Harold Jean-Louis’  imagines a world where each child has the opportunity to become multilingual. With 10-years of accounting experience, Harold oversees all aspect of Smart Coos finances.


What is Smart Coos?

Smart Coos makes it easy for parents and teachers to give kids the opportunity to learn a second language by providing a live-language teacher on its interactive web-based platform.

With our college educated native speakers, robust foreign language curriculum, and our ever-expanding library of books and bite-sized language videos, parents and educators can easily engage kids in the acquisition of a second language.


Why is language learning so important for babies and young children?

Babies start to learn language before they are born. They have the capacity to learn and remember elementary sounds of their language from their mother during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. As a result, the mother has first dibs on influencing the child's brain.

Between birth and 4 years of age they focus first on sounds, then syntax and vocabulary acquisition. And, they do it naturally. After age 7, this ability declines drastically. We now know that even small amounts of second language exposure can change the brain and help develop other higher order thinking skills. Furthermore, speaking more than one language makes the brain more flexible.

Specifically, older children and adults struggle to learn a second tongue and rarely become fluent or develop good accents. The latecomers experience less of the brain functionality increases that children who start early enjoy.

In the United States today, less than 40% of high school students and 8% of college students are enrolled in the study of a foreign language. In addition, English alone is no longer enough in the work place. According to a recent survey on multilingual talent in the workplace, 33% of Fortune 500 companies will include knowledge of a foreign language as a requirement for employment. The success of our children depend on foreign language learning, whether its for a competitive edge in an ever global economy or simply to make them better thinkers.


What is Smart Coos doing about it?

With dedication and creativity, Smart Coos provides the resources and a safe community for young children and parents to be multilingual.

We are dedicated to providing parents and children the tools and services to speak a second and third language, so learning is interactive. And, we are creative in our use of technology. We connect parents, caretakers, and children the world over so they may not only learn from each other but bring about a brighter future. We help create the gateway to the unlimited, time-sensitive potential, of your child’s brain to learn a second and third language.